The 7 Hills of Istanbul

“The Seven Hills of Istanbul” supper club represents what Istanbul cuisine is today and what it was in the past. Therefore the menu created by me – Topik’s founder will include inspirations and influences of the peoples’ of Istanbul – encompassing dishes from different families, neighbours, and memories from across centuries. This is distinct from the other regions of Turkey.

I will bring the traditional and modern cooking together at the dinner table. It is a journey from local dishes of streets of Istanbul to the palace kitchen coated up human stories. The use of seasonal food is central to real Istanbul cuisine, which is reflective of the 7 hills of the city. So expect pure Istanbul on your plates!
Turkish cuisine often conjures up very limited images such as kebab, baklava and Turkish delight. On the contrary, the 7 hills of Istanbul supper club features olive oil based green dishes, seafood, several delicate meze plates and a pudding.


The 7 Hills Of Istanbul is a collaboration with Stories On Our Plate (SOOP) – All proceeds from the SOOP fundraiser supper clubs will go towards funding it’s upcoming pilot culinary training programme for refugee chefs in London.

“SOOP uses it’s supper clubs to showcase refugee, former refugee, and migrant chefs every month. Irem will share with you some of the rich stories behind the untold culinary heritage of Istanbul. SOOP will also share with you it’s work with refugee chefs and the pilot culinary programme starting in May 2017. At SOOP we believe that the use of storytelling through food can connect us all, and supper clubs play a big role in communicating this…”

For more details and buy tickets please visit grubclub website link below.