Istanbul Dishes on Festive Dining Table | SOLD OUT!

7 Hills of Istanbul supper club under “Festive” theme will bring some hidden classics from diverse neighbourhoods, and dishes from modern Turkish cuisine at East London’s independent artisan bakery e5 Bakehouse 

Led by Irem Aksu, a founder and head chef of Topik London, “Festive” celebrates forgotten but starring flavours of Istanbul – a capital of great empires from the eastern Roman Empire “Byzantine” to Ottoman Empire.

Festive offers diners a diverse view of the cuisine of Turkey. Also a chance to taste a selection of rarely seen Turkish wines from local winemakers using regional grapes.

Festive menu demonstrates a reverence for the fresh and local ingredients. But most importantly many dishes on the menu are inspired by the festive tables of non-muslim communities in Istanbul as well as Turkish classics. Two years ago, when Irem started building her food project Topik London, she interviewed a few Istanbul Greek, Sephardic Jews, Armenian food historians, home cooks, food writers from Istanbul. Sure there will be some beautiful stories and memories to share about the dishes from peoples’ of Istanbul. Look forward to raising our glasses together to these memories!

It is a pleasure to host my supper club at e5 Bakehouse, Irem’s second home as a chef, which is an independent, organic bakery in a spruced up railway arch beneath London fields Station. The supper club will be held in milling arch where the brick wood fire oven will be fired up for cooking and baking!
Is not that exciting?

7 Hills of Istanbul is a quaint supper club boasting home-style cooking done well – using fine local ingredients.

In a brick railway arch we will explore Turkey’s gastronomic culture shaped in centuries and have a relaxed dining experience accompanied by a selection of good Turkish wine.

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