Secret Supper Club at Carousel London Spaces

Topik London and Oxfam hosted their first Secret Supper Club which was a journey through Rwanda, Yemen, Iraq and Nepal, their cultures and cuisines, as well as a night to share Oxfam’s works to create a long term and sustainable change for all we want, to end poverty now and forever.
Topik London, led by Irem Aksu, a head chef and a founder, created a menu inspired these 4 countries flavours and their staple ingredients, cooked all day with an amazing team for the supper club guests.

Many thanks to Yak Bites for their contribution on the famous Nepalese momos.

(Yak Bites is a food collective from the Himalayas:Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Ladakh, Sikkim and Darjeeling)



Photos by Begum Zorlu