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Illustrated by Vaso Michailidou for Root+Bone – ingredients of Armenian stuffed mackerel

There are some dishes you can identify by their region, and not their nationality. Bourek is one of these dishes. People say if you cannot see bourek in the shops around you, it means you are not in the Balkans. It is a dish shared by all the ethnic and religious groups. Although the Balkans is today associated with conflict, its food culture transcends its diversity and has helped to bring communities together, in the way it’s said the ancient Romans used to do in the past.*

Wouldn’t it be great if the Balkan people could have resolved conflict with a shared dish of bourek rolls?Unfortunately this didn’t happen, and the conflict led to an influx of Balkan people into Turkey; this reinforced the existing tradition of Balkan foods in the country, dating from the times when it was part of the Ottoman Empire….


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