Topik Meze from the Armenian Cuisine of Turkey

“For some reason, my parents did not have the habit to buy ready-made Meze but preferred to prepare it by themselves at home. We would rather prepare every meal we had together as a family. While my father insisted that no other woman could cook better than his own mother, my mother absolutely did notContinue reading “Topik Meze from the Armenian Cuisine of Turkey”


“Cacik – according to Ahmet Rasim- is one of the “sine qua non” of Raki mezze tables of Istanbul. The main ingredient of Cacik is yogurt and cucumber. No water should be added to yogurt but garlic is a must. Cucumber should not be grated, but chopped finely. Topping it with olive oil and dill,Continue reading “Cacik”

Paskalya Coregi – Istanbul’s Easter bread

Makes 2  x braided Easter bread Ingredients ●  7g quick dry active yeast (1 pack or a flat teaspoon) ●  100ml lukewarm water ●  100ml warm whole milk ●  170g caster sugar ●  500g-550g plain flour + handful for kneading and shaping – sifted ●  110g unsalted butter – melted & cooled ●  2 mediumContinue reading “Paskalya Coregi – Istanbul’s Easter bread”

Chef In Residency at October Gallery

Topik London’s six months residency at October Gallery was between September 2018-March 2019, successfully run by Irem, the founder of Topik. Topik London “food without borders” is a food culture project; works on Istanbul’s diverse culinary history and ongoing contributions made by urban’s different communities, old and new migrants. Thanks to everyone who visited Topik’sContinue reading “Chef In Residency at October Gallery”