Chef In Residency at October Gallery

Topik London’s six months residency at October Gallery was between September 2018-March 2019, successfully run by Irem, the founder of Topik. Topik London “food without borders” is a food culture project; works on Istanbul’s diverse culinary history and ongoing contributions made by urban’s different communities, old and new migrants. Thanks to everyone who visited Topik’sContinue reading “Chef In Residency at October Gallery”

Istanbul Urban Feast: A Taste Of Spring

          With so many influential dishes throughout the city, from ethnically diverse neighbourhoods, and the ones located right by the sea, Istanbul’s culinary influence dates back almost 2 millennia ago to the early days of the Byzantine Empire. Then the great Ottoman Empire, and Modern Turkish Republic has changed the urbanContinue reading “Istanbul Urban Feast: A Taste Of Spring”

Armenian Supper Club at e5 Bakehouse

A Pomegranate Odyssey; From Istanbul to Yerevan A Pomegranate Odyssey from Istanbul to Yerevan; that is what I called this supper event at e5 Bakehouse. The food I will be cooking is not only for tasting, but also for sharing some of the memories and stories of peoples of Asia Minor – the land whichContinue reading “Armenian Supper Club at e5 Bakehouse”

Topik curated a dining event for a good cause

On the 24th October, Topik catered for a fundraising event for Dying to Divorce which is a brand new documentary about the women fighting domestic violence in Turkey. As a part of the crowdfunding campaign, Topik – Food Without Borders organised a meal in collaboration with the filmmakers at L’atelier Dalston. As a Topik’s Chef,Continue reading “Topik curated a dining event for a good cause”