Cooking Classes

Join Irem’s – the founder chef of Topik – cooking classes to learn the basics about Turkish, Istanbul, and Levantine cuisines.

Her evening classes offer two different options covering Vegan Turkish & Anatolian food, and a rich Levantine mezze selection from Greece, Turkey, Syria to Lebanon and beyond.

Vegan Turkish Cookery Class 

Cook healthy, clean, plant based, real food from Turkey’s seven regions. Contrary to popular opinion Turkish cuisine involves much plant-based dishes. This class promises to teach you how to turn locally grown produces into a rich entire vegan meal using traditional cooking techniques.

£80 / 4 Vegan dishes includes vegan pudding + rare Turkish wines served with your meal

Levantine Mezze Class

Sharing delicious, colourful and creative mezze dishes is always fun and friendly.

Beyond the recipes, Irem teaches the cultural roots of mezze which is in the center of culinary life in Levantine regions – Turkey, Middle East, North Africa.

Learn how to prepare an entire dinner with several small modern mezze dishes – enjoyed by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Persians, Istanbul Armenians and the Ottoman Turks over centuries.

£70 / 5 Mezze dishes + rare Turkish wines served with your meal

  • Group booking is available for cookery classes. Please get in touch for booking
  • Christmas bookings and gift vouchers are also available – Dates will be announced in August