Topik launched at dis/placed exhibition

Topik launched food without borders at dis/placed exhibition. My stall had hundreds of people visiting at Shoreditch Town Hall. It was not only sharing food from the other Turkey but also sharing the diverse cultural heritage of minorities in Turkey. It was a truly marvellous and unforgettable launch.

Thank you to all Counterpoints Arts team and their lovely volunteers, all artists and visitors!

* photos by Sebnem Ugural 

Private view at dis-placed exhibition

TOPIK – food without borders kicks off its journey with dis/placed exhibition at Shoreditch Town Hall. I am glad to display special dishes from different ethnic minorities of Turkey. It will include foods from Armenian Cuisine, Sephardic Jews and Istanbul Greek food with their associated stories.

You can visit the Topik stall on Tuesday, 16 June.

Private View 7-10pm (booking required)
Featuring food project Topik by Irem Aksu, incorporating cultural and historical elements – food without borders.

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* Photo by Sebnem Ugural