“Cooking is a language, through which society unconsciously reveals its structure.” – Claude Lévi-Strauss

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Photos by irem aksu

savoy cabbage stuffed with pine nut, cinnamon, dried black currant rice

flat peaches, fresh goat’s cheese, sumac, fresh mint, Mairena olive oil

2015, October
Istanbul-Anatolian dinner series at e5 Bakehouse, London

Food has story, food is culture, food has memory.

With Istanbul supper club series I offered to the guests not only a gastronomic experience but also a cultural journey through explaining the milestones of Istanbul’s culinary history for three years. I selected different themes for each mini-series such as Urban Feast, 7 Hills of Istanbul, Spring & Easter, A Pomegranate Odyssey from Yerevan to Istanbul, Festive…

Istanbul Urban Food evet at e5 Millhouse | photo by Deniz Harut

at the front door of e5 Mill house. photo by Deniz Harut

Private dinner bookings & collaborations
at Carousel Spaces

at Delfina Foundation x family lunch|dinner series

Delfina Foundation – family dinner | Istanbul food

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Chef in residency at October Gallery, Bloomsbury, 2018-2019

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flavours from land & sea

Pink Action Shoot

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Seasonal and local produces are always core to my cooking. Seasonal cooking gives you variety yet it can be challenging.

smoky aubergines cooked over fire
Cookery classes in and out of London

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