The 7 Hills of Istanbul

“The Seven Hills of Istanbul” supper club represents what Istanbul cuisine is today and what it was in the past. Therefore the menu created by me - Topik's founder will include inspirations and influences of the peoples’ of Istanbul – encompassing dishes from different families, neighbours, and memories from across centuries. This is distinct from... Continue Reading →

One Night In Za’atari

 One Night in Za'atari event of OXFAM UK at the Vinyl Factory, Soho - I served Syrian inspired food and unique Turkish wines from local producers made by regional grapes menu Muhammara - roast red peppers, walnuts Mutabal - burnt aubergine, tahini, pomegranates Creamy labneh with za'atar, crunchy flaked almonds, black chilli infused olive oil ... Continue Reading →

Armenian Supper Club at e5 Bakehouse

A Pomegranate Odyssey; From Istanbul to Yerevan A Pomegranate Odyssey from Istanbul to Yerevan; that is what I called this supper event at e5 Bakehouse. The food I will be cooking is not only for tasting, but also for sharing some of the memories and stories of peoples of Asia Minor - the land which... Continue Reading →

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