Welcome to Topik London

Chef & founder of Topik LDN Irem is here! I was not using this site for sharing recipes before the pandemic as I did not have enough time to update the site, and write my recipes in a digital format. Since I started spending my time more and more in my kitchen in the time of quarantine, I have had more chance to go for zero-waste kitchen and turn everyIMG_3652 simple ingredients into a delicious, balanced meals.

Although I was doing my best to achieve that goal before this uncertain times, I realised I never went through my kitchen cupboard and fridge every day, and made a home-economy like how my mum used to do for feeding the whole family. I must say it is quite a challenging job than working in a restaurant. But it is also so satisfying to cook with every single produce the right way from roots to leaves, all sad greens, dry goods; pulses, grains, sprouted potatoes and so on… 

I will share my home recipes to give you an idea with the similar ingredients we all have in our fridges and kitchen cupboards this time of the year. I hope you find them easy to follow and enjoy eating them as much as I do. 

Please keep in touch if you have any questions or suggestions via irem@topik.london

Stay safe x